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5 Best Things To Do In Darjeeling That You Can’t Miss

Hill stations are undoubtedly beautiful and no one can deny that Darjeeling is one of the best. Darjeeling is a famous tourist destination located in West Bengal, India.

The lush green hills and tea gardens, beautiful pine forests and an exciting toy train that runs in the mountains make it one of the best hill stations.

1. Visit Tea Estate/Gardens

Tea gardens are wonderful and fantastical places to visit. Just the sight of green bushes of tea will put your mind at ease and happiness within your heart.

There are so many tea gardens/estates in Darjeeling. Visit them, taste the refreshing ‘Darjeeling Tea’, and gather the unforgettable tea experience of your life.

Don’t forget to buy some tea to bring back home with you or as a gift for your friends and families.

2. Take a stroll in Batasia Loop

Located on Hill Cart Road (National Highway 55), Batasia Loop is a spiral railway track for the famous Toy Train of Darjeeling.

Batasia means airy space, the area has beautiful garden encircled by the train track, bridge, war memorial and some park benches from where you can view amazing landscapes of Darjeeling.

It is one of the major attractions in Darjeeling. Just stroll around and enjoy the fresh air.

3. Take a ride in Darjeeling Himalayan Railway Toy Train

Taking a ride in Darjeeling Himalaya Railway (DHR), well-known as “Toy Train” is one of the exciting things to do while in Darjeeling.

It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India and holds an absolute historical significance. The railway follows the hill cart road and crosses three loops, one of those being the Batasia Loop.

The train now has a diesel engine, however, one can ride historic steam engine train that starts from Kurseong.

4. Watch the sunrise from Tiger Hill

Tiger hill is the highest point in Darjeeling at an altitude of 2600 mt. located about 11km from the main town of Darjeeling.

It is one of the popular destinations in Darjeeling for tourists to view sunrise and panorama of majestic Mt. Kanchenjunga. You can trek or ride a vehicle through the Sinchel Wildlife Sanctuary to get there.

Watching the sunrise from Tiger Hill could be one of the unforgettable moment of your life. The phenomenal way that sky changing the colors will blow your mind.

5. Eat Taipo, Momos, Thukpa & More

Darjeeling offers varieties of delectable food items for anyone who enjoys exploring local cuisines. The best thing you can do is to go for street food hunting. Taipos, Momos and Thukpa are some of the best foods that you shouldn’t miss.

If you are a breakfast lover, you should definitely visit Keventer's and Glenary's. You can also explore vegetarian places, bakeries, and coffee shops in the region.


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